Deniz Balci

Ankara University School of Medicine Department of Surgery

Assoc. Prof. of Surgery

Deniz Balci MD has graduated from Ankara University  School of Medicine, followed by general surgery residency in the same school.

He completed solid organ transplantation clinical fellowship at Istanbul florence Nightingale Hospital organ transplant unit.
Dr Balci did a year of clinical research fellowship at Mayo Clinic and then was a clinical research fellow at New York Mount Sinai University Recanati-Miller Transplant Institute.
He then had further training on Living Donor liver transplantation and advanced hepatobiliary surgery at Asan Medical Center, S.Korea.
He  became an Assoc. prof of surgery at Ankara University school of Medicine in 2012.
and  currently  the director of liver transplantation in the Ankara University school of medicine.
He serves in the scientific advisory board on Liver Transplantation for Turkish Ministry of Health
He was recently appointed as a Van Guard member in International liver transplant society.

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